Fishing is one of Australia’s favourite past-time, and the Tamworth region is well known for its superb inland fishing. Throw a line at any of the dams and rivers around the region and you will be sure to get a nibble.

Anglers have reported good catches of most inland fish such as, yellowbelly, trout, golden perch, black bream, jewfish and murray cod.

If you are up for the challenge then trout fishing is sure to keep you a happy fisherman. The expert locals advise the use of bait, spinner, lure and fly. They also suggest to be varied with your tackle, technique, location and time of day.

Anglers may find that the most effective and exciting fishing method for catching native fish is to use attended lines. Trolling and spinning can also be an effective way to fish the dams and rivers. Murray cod, golden, perch, silver perch and even eel tail catfish will take on a lure that floats on by them.

Talk to the friendly and experienced locals about great fishing spots, feeding habits and the best baits and lures to ensure that you are able to get a bite. The local stockists of fishing and outdoor supplies are also fishing enthusiasts, which makes them a one stop shop for the right advice and equipment.

For a guaranteed catch, the Arc-en-ciel Trout Farm nestled in the mountains of Hanging Rock, 20minutes from Nundle, is famous for its rainbow trout. Take a guided tour, or try catching a juicy trout for your lunch or dinner.